Following is my online portfolio of cartoons, updated regularly. If you are interested in using one for your publication or website, or would like to see more of my work,  please contact me via email: Also, be sure to visit for regular, original content!

Click on the images below for a closer look!














4 Responses to “Cartoon Portfolio”

  1. Very hilarious.

    S.D. Smith calls it “the funniest cartoon I have read since yesterday when I cracked open a Calvin and Hobbes book, but much funnier than either Calvin the Theologian or Hobbes the Philosopher, but yet still less funny than this comic I did when I was a kid which feature my character NJabulo (the white Zulu) who is shown killing Falcor and that kid with floppy hair that kind-of looked like a girl but was dressed like an Indian, thus causing the Never-Ending Story to finally end, but it’s still pretty good.”

    My favorite one is the hell and damn one. And the Attainable Resolutions one.

  2. Riley Says:


    thank you. Hell and Damn. Is that a KFC joke? PROCTOLOGIST!!(geez)!! Indie Interventions, very silly. And, is that a perfectly depicted southern woman’s stonewashed-jeaned patoot if i ever saw one (stonewashed mine).

  3. Don Says:

    I like the dogs very much and appreciated the “contextualization” of “hell and “damn”. I only wished my computer would allow me to view the captions a little larger. I have a dog who “thinks” the very words, by the way.

  4. Doug Engle Says:

    It’s rare that I want to use disturbing, distressing, and laughed-so-hard-i-wet-myself in one sentence. But there it is.

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