Sweet-On Jesus Movie

Hi again.

At One-Eighty we’ve been studying the parables using an awesome film series. With possibly one exception, all of the films are well made, are minimal in the cheesy acting department, and are generally free of the stigma associated with Christian film. “Modern Parables” stick closely to the Biblical text, rarely taking liberties. In fact, in their modern interpretations of Jesus’ parables, rarely do their own interpretations sneak into the film itself in any overt way. To be certain, film is like any art and by necessity draws upon the worldview and intent of its creator. Suffice it to say, however, that there is nothing heavy hand

ed about “Modern Parables.” Like Jesus stories, they leave the interpretation left to your own openness to the Holy Spirit (well, and the pastors that are featured in separate “teaching videos. Incidentally, the “teaching” videos are almost completely extraneous. Our group of teenagers did fine in a discussion without them! To tell the truth, I don’t always agree with the pastors’ interpretations anyway.

Check out their website. You can view the movies online. I highly reccomend both Samaritan, and Prodigal Sons.

UPDATE: We watched Prodigal Sons last night. The film was very powerful to me, but for some reason I think it was lost on the students. For my part there is nothing more dramatic than seeing the return of the prodigal and the older brother’s hissy fit.