5) http://www.intothehill.com: This one comes at the bottom of the list only in the interest of absolute objectivity, since, I am a contributor. Into the Hill, if you aren’t going there religiously already, is a great source of independent music and movie news, reviews, and general hilarity in the form of their resident, extremely good-looking cartoonist.

4) http://www.sheldoncomics.com: My new favorite webcomic is just too cute. Dave Kellet is forging a new path for an old medium. His strip is reminiscent of classics like Calvin and Hobbes.

3) http://www.emusic.com: cheap, cheap, cheap, indie music. Gotta love it.

2) http://www.noisetrade.com: another way to get good indie music, sometimes for free, is by spamming your friends. That’s always fun. Do it here.

1) http://www.maplemountain.blogspot.com: My smarty-pants cousin takes the top spot this year for his blog about God, art, and Jack Handey quotes. SD Smith knows how to keep me interested, and how cool it is to refer to yourself in an abreviated way.