First things first:

My condolences to those of you who see Obama as the downfall of our country. Equal condolences to those of you who think he can effect anymore than superficial change. Regardless, my prayers are with our new leader, as unideal as he may be.

But, I digress. I am here to impart two wonderful bits of news:

1) Check out my new column over at Into the Hill. Technically it was an election day special, but hopefully it’s still relevant the day after.

2) I am being published! Future Montgomery Magazine has bought this cartoon to be published in their latest issue. And it gets better! They have agreed to buy THREE CARTOONS each subsequent issue, IN ADDITION to an installment of my column MIRACLE VALLEY! I am truly thankful for the opportunity and look forward to working with these great people.

I haven’t been posting much lately, cartoons or otherwise. It’s been very busy this month for the ministry. What little time I have to devote to art I have been using to develop a webcomic. I hope to have some character sketches up sometime soon. Stay tuned.

God bless.