1) Into the Hill version 2.0 has officially launched. I have two new features that will be appearing regularly at the Hill. Some of you may remember my old column featured in River Stages in Dubuque, IA. Well, I am pleased to announce that “Miracle Valley” is being relaunched under the auspices of Into the Hill. This time, MV will keep an eye on the arts, ever searching for redemption as it has in the past.

Also, ITH is launching “Ruled Line Sequential”, my art-themed comic series. Once the series gets going, I will be posting an archive on iblogodei.

2) Here is Overstreet linking to Roger Ebert on The Last Temptation of Christ. I weighed in a bit on the source material for the film here.

3) Check out what Spongebob might look like as envisioned by Charles Schultz and other great cartoonists of the past. (Courtesy of Drawn.ca).

4) Don’t you love what we Christians consider controversial?

5) Listen to Bon Iver. Immediately.

6) Did you forget about Noise Trade? Don’t.

7) I’ve been so busy lately I’ve fallen behind on my cartooning. I hope to have some new stuff up soon. I’m in talks with a local publication. I hope to have some exciting news soon!