November 2008

Sally Jesse Raphael's bastard son.

Sally Jesse Raphael

In my latest Miracle Valley over at Into the Hill, I prove I am now officially an old fart (at the tender age of 24) by getting all nostalgic.


Alright. So there was a flurry of comic postings not long ago. Suddenly I had rediscovered my lost love of cartooning. You may have noticed that those have greatly tapered. Here’s why.

I’ve been spending all my cartooning time not on writing more gag panels (though I will continue to do so eventually) but on developing an ongoing webcomic. The comic will eventually appear on the WWW. Not here, either. It will get a site all its own.

So consider this an announcement.

And a preview.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of character design lately. Here is, in all his blurry wonder, the star of the show, as presently conceived. Ladies and gentlemen I give you SKUNK THE SKUNK.


Look for The Misguided Misadventures of Skunk the Skunk sometime around the new year. Cumbersome title, eh? Yeah, well, that’s how I roll.

Thanks for faithfully stopping by. I greatly appreciate your time.

p.s. if anyone out there wants to help me with the web stuff, I’d love to hear from you.

p.p.s. I’m meeting with the editor of three local publications tomorrow. Looks like some more possible sales…

So, Into the Hill is publishing my cartoons now. The first installment of my series “Ruled Line Sequential” is up now. Of course, the whole concept of “Ruled Line” is to produce quick, “doodley” comics on lined paper, evoking the off the cuff honesty of folk music. This first installment is just another gag that you’ve seen here on my blog.

Nevertheless, I hope you check back at the Hill often to see work you CAN’T SEE ANYWHERE ELSE!

While there, go to the main page and check out the latest session. It’s my favorite yet.



…are said best by my dear friend Andrew.

And also Derek Webb in the bonus track to the re-released Mockingbird.

Get it at NoiseTrade.

For some more of what I think about the election, read the latest Miracle Valley at the Hill.

Al Mohler said it well, too.

All hail King Jesus.

I was shocked to just discover that Michael Crichton died from a “private battle with cancer” yesterday.

Crichton is not the type of writer I typically blog about here. His work was very commercial, very popular, and occasionally predictable. However, he was a great storyteller. When I was 12 years old he got my imagination running with Jurassic Park. When I read Sphere, I doubted I would ever find a more enthralling book. I read Crichton’s work voraciously, consuming most of what he had written up until Timeline. It was always riveting, always intellectual, and (despite his reputation) was about much more than rampaging dinosaurs and far-fetched sci-action plots. Like all great science-fiction writers, he warned of the danger of human beings meddling too much in the business of God. And he did so while entertaining the hell out of his readers.

I for one am thankful for his career. Though I haven’t read his work in many years, I am convinced that I would not be writing or creating today were it not for his influence. Perhaps it was his grasp of science and technology (or his incredible ability to fake it!) that influenced me the most. Though I have never tried to emulate that in my own writing, his ability to talk just enough over my head for it to seem believable, and just enough on my level for me to understand it, made me believe that the impossible is POSSIBLE.

You will be missed, sir.

First things first:

My condolences to those of you who see Obama as the downfall of our country. Equal condolences to those of you who think he can effect anymore than superficial change. Regardless, my prayers are with our new leader, as unideal as he may be.

But, I digress. I am here to impart two wonderful bits of news:

1) Check out my new column over at Into the Hill. Technically it was an election day special, but hopefully it’s still relevant the day after.

2) I am being published! Future Montgomery Magazine has bought this cartoon to be published in their latest issue. And it gets better! They have agreed to buy THREE CARTOONS each subsequent issue, IN ADDITION to an installment of my column MIRACLE VALLEY! I am truly thankful for the opportunity and look forward to working with these great people.

I haven’t been posting much lately, cartoons or otherwise. It’s been very busy this month for the ministry. What little time I have to devote to art I have been using to develop a webcomic. I hope to have some character sketches up sometime soon. Stay tuned.

God bless.

1) Into the Hill version 2.0 has officially launched. I have two new features that will be appearing regularly at the Hill. Some of you may remember my old column featured in River Stages in Dubuque, IA. Well, I am pleased to announce that “Miracle Valley” is being relaunched under the auspices of Into the Hill. This time, MV will keep an eye on the arts, ever searching for redemption as it has in the past.

Also, ITH is launching “Ruled Line Sequential”, my art-themed comic series. Once the series gets going, I will be posting an archive on iblogodei.

2) Here is Overstreet linking to Roger Ebert on The Last Temptation of Christ. I weighed in a bit on the source material for the film here.

3) Check out what Spongebob might look like as envisioned by Charles Schultz and other great cartoonists of the past. (Courtesy of

4) Don’t you love what we Christians consider controversial?

5) Listen to Bon Iver. Immediately.

6) Did you forget about Noise Trade? Don’t.

7) I’ve been so busy lately I’ve fallen behind on my cartooning. I hope to have some new stuff up soon. I’m in talks with a local publication. I hope to have some exciting news soon!