Okay. Just a friendly little reminder that YOU COULD WIN FIVE(S) OF DOLLARS by trying our new anti-impotence drug and participating in and winning a little contest that I totally ripped off from the New Yorker in a shameless attempt to get people to read this blog. HERE is where to go. Follow the instructions and prepare for your FIVE FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS (or the equivalent thereof) if you win which you probably won’t but who knows a rolling stone catches no worm, early bird gathers the moss, necessity is the mother of a guy named Franklin, etc.

Speaking of random, almost indecipherable yet slightly humorous things, here is a blast from the past. My past. You can find this over at www.megazeenonline.com.



This is quite a few years old and is very difficult to read. (That title panel reads “Machismo” in case you’re wondering.) I just rediscovered it the other day. Kind of nifty, huh? Hope to have so more alternative style comics like this one up on the iblogo soon.

To lunch!