Introducing our first ever Cartoon Caption Contest! *Insert Trumpet Blast Here*

You could win fives of dollars and something similar to fame! In an effort to shamelessly self-promote, I am asking all six of you to pen a caption to the cartoon below. Winners receive a five-dollar gift certificate to

So, I know you’re asking two questions: 1) Why so cheap? 2) What can you do with five dollars? First, I am poor. Second, five bucks=five mp3 downloads! Generous! Don’t judge me!

Yesterday was our biggest day ever here at the iblogo! Thanks for stopping by. So, help top that number today! Be sure to let all your friends know about the contest. We’re talking about five George Washington’s here. Serious stuff.

Here she is:

Make up your own dang caption!

Make up your own dang caption!

Post a comment with your caption. Comments will be open until Thursday morning! I will announce the winner on Saturday! Exclamation points all over the place! What’s with all the excitement?! Five dollars, that’s what!

Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to subscribe, and check out my cartoon portfolio.