Alas, my loves, I have proved negligent. Other matters have diverted me from this here weblog. I hope to remedy that.

Unfortunately, my life is very busy and not all that interesting.

I have been cartooning an awful lot lately. You can see the fruit of my labors (and maybe my loom) on in the coming weeks. Until then, I have something to tie you over. Allow your eyes to drift, momentarily (try to keep one eye on the road) to the navigatory menu atop this page. Do you see that link that says “cartoon portfolio”? Don’t click on it yet, or you won’t be able to read the rest of this post. (Patience!) There you can view my recent doodlings. And, if perchance you work for one of those fancy syndicates or a big name magazine (don’t lie to me, you DON’T) you can even BUY them from me for an unreasonably low rate. (Everything must go!!!)

So, check that page often because I am posting all the scribbles, napkin doodles, interesting oil stains in grocery store parking lots that I can.  And hey, you could have TWO (COUNT ‘EM FOLKS, TWO!) t clair RSS subscriptions. Subscribe to the main page for your irregular dose of irregularity via these type musings, and RSS that there portfolio for the kind with pikchers.

Anyway, I hope to see more of you around these parts. After all, you are SO good-lookin’.