Some suppositions concerning honoring Christ with our work. (Based on the prevailing sentiments of our Christian sub(par) culture).

If you design software for a living, within the programming must be the gospel message. Within the product of your labors must be a gospel appeal, or it does not honor your savior.

If you are a carpenter, a plaque must be affixed to each cabinet that states that your work was done to the glory of God. Following the doxology must be a gospel appeal.

If you are an air-traffic controller, each pilot you speak to must understand that you work in order to honor your savior. If you do not ask that pilot if he has a relationship with Christ, you have not honored Christ with your work.

If you are a writer, your story must mention Christ explicity and contain a gospel appeal, otherwise it cannot be considered Christian. “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ…”

A supposedly “Christian” filmmaker is bound to present characters that clearly hold a Christian worldview. Failure to portray Christians in a positive light or to neglect a gospel appeal is a failure to honor Christ.