1) Oh man, oh man oh man. This is incredibly exciting. Marilynne Robinson has taken a cue from Wendel Berry and is releasing a novel set in the same locale as and featuring some of the characters in Gilead. Thanks to Jeffrey Overstreet for breaking the news.

2) In other Marilynne Robinson news, Andrew Peterson has posted an interview with her…okay, he didn’t conduct it. It’s from NPR. But still. Check it out. (This DOES raise the question of when one of the rabbit room gang is going to conduct an interview with a famous writer. I vote John Grisham. [that was a joke, kids].)

3) Speaking of Andrew Peterson and interviewing famous writers, have you heard my interview with Mr. Peterson over at the Hill?

4) In other news from the Hill, I posted my review of Jon Foreman’s latest. I’ve received a bit of criticism for an innocent rhetorical question. Jump in and let’s hear your opinion