1) My latest review is up at the Hill. This time I critique Jon Foreman’s amazing Spring/Summer double EP.

2) Chris Case posted this disturbing swindle over at Reformergent. Pop-dispensationalism at its worst.

3) Long ago, David Kern posted this video at Beside the Queue. It is very moving and has caused me to consider how I might do something to help relieve poverty in the name of Christ. I will keep you posted as a vision for a unique ministry model unfolds. I am excited about the ideas a few friends and I have been batting around.

4) There are a lot of new things on the iblogo. Check out the links above. “A Conversation with t clair” gives you an idea of where I am coming from. The bio gives you a less philosophical look at who I am and what I am up to. Recomended Reading is just that…and I just realized it is misspelled. Gotta fix that. =)

5) Keep checking back to iblogo dei, or better yet, subscribe via RSS. I have begun a series I call Why Church Sucks: Confessions, Complaints and Conclusions From an Upstart. I have outlined the entire series and will be posting entries in the coming months. This is a sort of extemporaneous manifesto for me.

6) I hope I don’t seem arrogant for all this bio, conversation, manifesto business. I am really just thinking through much of what I believe, and this is a great outlet for that. Also, I think it’s always good to know where a writer is coming from. And finally, if my own experiences can be used for God’s kingdom, I am stoked. I hope you keep visiting.