And now, vatch me as I make the divinity of Christ...disappear!“Time is not a field to be measured in rods, nor a sea, to be measured in miles; it is a heart beat. How long did this betrothal last? Days? Months? Years? Jolly and compassionate, the son of Mary went from village to village with the good word on his lips, from village to village, mountain to mountain, or by rowboat from one shore of the lake to the other, dressed in white like a bridegroom. And the Earth was his betrothed. As soon as he lifted his foot, the ground he had trodden filled with flowers. When he looked at the trees, they blossomed. The moment he set his foot in a fishing boat, a favorable wind puffed out the sail. The people listened to him, and the clay within them turned to wings. The entire time this betrothal lasted, if you lifted a stone you found God underneath, if you knocked at a door, God came out to open it for you, if you looked into the eye of your friend or your enemy, you saw God sitting in the pupil and smiling at you.”

–Nikos Kazantzakis, The Last Temptation of Christ


…and yet from this same pen comes the blasphemy and heresy that our incarnated God was weighed down by his body–that his salvation lay only in the destruction of this flesh (a literal misinterpretation of Paul’s beloved analogy). Within the rapturous breast of Kazantzakis lay an antinomian heart, beating a lullaby that lulled him to his eternal sleep in the lake of fire. Sin–how horrible! And yet, surely our Lord had succombed! He participated in every aspect of our humanity, yes? Blasphemy! Heresy!

And yet in Nikos I see a man in love with Christ–a Christ distorted by his Nietzcsheism and Communism. This is a composite Christ–Lenin and Nietzsche Superman are reflected in a crooked mirror! The Lord of Glory, the Lord of history!, has become the bastard child of base philosophy!

Yet the yearning of Kazantzakis cannot be missed! Lord, may I yearn for you the way this misguided man did! Yet may you always anchor me in the truth of your Word.