1) Recently I bemoaned a painful interview I had with an extremely talented musician named Thad Cockrell. The conversation was strained and filled with the most umms and ahhs I have ever heard in my entire life…both from him and me. Well, I have succesfully edited the piece so that it will be released on into the hill awkwardness free. However, that was impossible for this guy when he interviewed Sigur Ros. I feel your pain, sir. I feel your pain. Be sure to check out the “director’s commentary” linked below the video. My interview with Thad should be up later this week. *Thanks for the heads up on this one, Aaron.

2) There is some great new content at the Hill. David just posted one of the most beautiful music reviews I have ever read. I can’t wait to check out this artist. And our latest contributor, Nate Jenkins, makes us privy to yet another indie offering. Finally, my review of The Myriad’s new album should go live tomorrow afternoon. I will post a blog linking to it tomorrow. For now, check out their myspace page and come to some conclusions of your own.  

3) As usual, Chris Case has posted some very thought provoking material over at Reformergent. Check it out!

4) So I went to the flea market today. I found: a) Rattle and Hum by U2 b) The Joshua Tree by U2 c) Green by REM 4) Graceland by Paul Simon–all on CD. Vinyl it ain’t, but then, I haven’t figured out how to run my record player through itunes. All that great music and it cost me six bucks. I just thought you might like to revel with me.

5) Jeffrey Overstreet has gotten super bloggy the last couple of days. If you’ve never read his blog, you should. See if this whets your whistle…or makes you vomit…or cry…either way, it’s creepy. While you’re there, check this out. Seems like Mr. Stein has a little bit of Michael Moore in him. I shudder to think of what my most conservative Christian friends are going to do with this movie. I’m excited about the questions it raises, but am fearful that it is only setting up Christians to look like propoganda guzzling nit-wits.

6) I finally saw There Will Be Blood and somehow it managed to exceed my expectations. I was talking with Into the Hill’s resident movie nerd David Kern about the film the other night. David brought to my attention that the film seems to have a lot to do with relationships. Kern’s thoughts on Plainview’s desperation to avoid human relationships and his inability to do so reminded me of the ragged, tree-creeping Christ of “Wise Blood.” In the same way belief hunted down Hazel, so does human relationship hunt down Plainview.

I agree with David’s assesment. I brought something to David’s attention, however, that I don’t think he had thought of, and I wanted to see if you did. Though Plainview “plainly” (hehe) had disdain for humanity (as expressed in his assertion that his adopted son was nothing more than a “bastard in a basket” and a “cute face” he used to buy up land) I couldn’t help but suspect that there was still a spark of the imago dei in even this most corrupt character. Though Daniel insisted that it was not sentimentality that caused him to take HW as his son, I felt as if he was trying to convince himself of this. It seemed that he, in fact, did desire human relationship, but was so corrupt his own evil and drive for “success” won out over this very dim spark within him. This is demonstrated in various other ways throughout the film, but I am tired. Ha. But seriously, what do you think?