1) Interesting article about the incredible cost of public schools in DC

2) People are really griping about the new Narnia movie. It looks like the writer of this interview with Douglas Gresham got his knickers in quite a twist. I understand the passion on the part of those of us who cherish the Narnia books, but is there something to be said about the uniqueness of certain art forms (those forms being books and movies)? I for one was amazed that they managed to pull off The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe while staying true to the book and still being entertaining. It’s an incredible book (as are all of Lewis’ works) but it was hard for me to imagine it translating well into a movie. It seemed to me that they took just the right kind of liberties with the story in order to make it compelling for film. In fact, they probably could/should have made more. The trailers for Caspian makes me look forward to something that will make a lot better movie than it did a book. (I agree with what Gresham says in the interview about the story not being quite as strong in Caspian as it is in LLW.)

My point, though it may get me shot, is that film is a different medium than litterature and should be approached differently. I can’t blame Gresham for being a bit defensive. (Nor can I blame the interviewer, I should add, for being so offensive.)

3) Relevant just posted a review of the new doc on Intelligen design, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

4) Riley and I have been trading Flight of the Conchords clips. This one is absolutely delicious.

5) An interesting, brief review of There Will Be Blood that makes an interesting observation about the connection between persecution and prosperity as it relates to church growth. Leave it to the folks at the Ooze to come up with a connection like that.

6) OH. MY. GOODNESS. GRACIOUS. Sometimes I imagine a great vault full of the wonderful, unread adventures of the Glass family, hidden behind stacks of typewritten papers and dishes full of spoiled cat food. Of course, said vault could only be opened upon the death of Mr. Salinger. Is it okay to wish for the death of one of your favorite writers?

As for me, I am trying to keep my head above water preparing these lessons in Ephesians on Wednesday nights. I thought it was a good idea to begin preaching expository sermons to the kids every week. I am begining to wonder about my sanity in making such a bold attempt. Thankfully, up until now they have paid remarkable attention. I just hope some of it is sinking in. Meanwhile I am just plain sinking while my dreaded office work piles up until it forms a monster that bites me in the butt the day check requests, deposits, registration forms and the like are due for whatever events are coming up.

And all of this as I am begining to doubt the effectiveness and biblical justification for my beloved expository preaching. Alas.

semper reformanda

t clair