I have built a city

upon a thousand holy hills

consecrated with a thousand holy waters

streaming from a thousand holy flowing rivers.

I have seen the spires scratching

the clouds and begging entrance.

I’ve seen the many ungrateful lepers

rejoice in their healing

from that polluted stream.

And I have heard a thousand holy voices

reign in the echos of a thousand vaulted ceilings

distill themselves in plattiudes and pulpits

ignored or relished by a passive people.

Yes, I have built a city

in a thousand holy places

upon a thousand holy relics.

Now consecrate this TNT

and blow us all to Kingdom Come.

Shake the foundation of a thousand splintered cities

claiming they are the only one.

I have built a city

upon a thousand holy hills

And behold! I saw them war!

Beating their plowshares back to swords

tasting blood not of the eucharist

but just as fulfilling.

And I have bathed in that polluted stream

and I have bathed that bloody bath

Yes! Behold my city!

Behold the splintered, fractured bride!

Cut me from her stainglass steeples

and restore me to my God.