The pounding surf
churning at the shore,
foams aggravation for loss of expanse-
strangles his feet.

And his ears in ecstasy
fill with its ferocity.

Seaward clamor
does not turn his head
nor howling wind which whips his straggled hair
find his favor.

Nature, squalling to complain
is torrentially insane.

Her rage defies
providence and her
place as pawn in God’s celestial game,
storming the beach,

While blissful in the sands
a young couple stately stands.

Why, angry Sea,
Must you raise your ire?
These two God has ordained to walk your shore
So why protest?

Impotent and earthbound sea,
Dare you flout the stars’ decree?

All Creation
(Not you, Sea, alone)
Has bent to Divine Manipulation
To bring them thus.

His Divine machinations
has birthed your aggravations.

The young man, is
Gazing not on You,
O sea, but captivated by God’s gift
Clutching his arm.

O Sea! Embittered lover!
He’s left you for another.

Jilted lover!
O great irony!
Rage against the awful decree! You are
their trysting place.

Drown her for peculation!
Squelch love’s foul emanation!

Surge, bitter Sea!
Rage, Futility!
But forget not Lucifer your brother
who fell from high.

Surge, bitter Sea!
Your obstinacy,
At loss of your lover, like Satan’s ploys
Falls upon your head:

Your storm provides more romance
Than did your docility.