For very good reasons
reasons she did not know
she left
But he knew, could list them
and she, she spat but the bitter ends
of months of contemplation
on the cool wet concrete,
met only by her apologies,
for she had no reasons that she knew.
But he knew.
For very good reasons,
reasons she did not know,
but he knew the reasons
and sees now, years after in a cold room
see them now flickering
like ghost figures dancing on a granite wall,
her disruption to their courtship
no resolution,
a shock and revelation
of reasons he could no longer deny
but no demise of those reasons.
They haunt and linger,
In his own words,” Grotesque and silhouetted
on the cave wall of my thoughts.”

He will sometimes take a stroll
or drive in desperation
to where once they were happy,
where once the reasons
hid their truth behind what
they boldly asserted as love,
where once the reasons did not matter
for neither of them had them.
and when she had the reasons,
she to whom they did belong,
she, she did not see them.
And it was then that fires lit
and demons danced encircled
casting inky blotches that skipped
in time with flame.

And now this does not matter.
the reasons were not abstract,
or if so were borne from action,
action springing from a heart
that is still within his chest.
And so the demon shadows laugh
galavant around the cracking coals
gathering soot to smear upon his walls.
For when she had no reasons,
no reasons that she knew

He collected them and remembered them
as his own evil
his own repercussions
sprung from his own temple.
And now the demon dancers laugh
and excite the flames to leap
So these reasons thus now imaged
on his wall may stretch and grow.