I heard a snicker when I spoke of beauty
and the binding thread did tighten,
That joining strand
connecting the prophets
Bespoke your pity, understanding.

(And did you feel it?
The pull of tether?
When I was in the inclement weather,
the breeze cool and winding,
I a witness to wild surf?)

And were the thousand miles worn
between us gathered then stretched tight
when once I spoke
of beauty and heard the
quiet, breath-covered mock?

And when the sun
broke free of iron
–that water suspended, yet a heavy weight–
and shattered all the weather
all at once to tighten tether,

then at once did you sense
that great, green grid-work,
did fabric lift?

And did Isaiah and Ezekiel
feel the common pull like we?
(Wheels in wheels and
dragon heads,
living bones from
dry ones dead!)

I must lie down now on my bed
And pray these visions for your pen.